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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 10, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we are taking your thoughts on the president's speech tonight let me know what you think. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm megyn kelly and this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." president obama addressed the american people from the white house and announced what he called a "counterterrorism campaign against isis in iraq and syria" saying to our enemy ifs you threaten america you will know no safe haven. ed henry. >> good evening. it was sort of like a do-over. a chance for the president who has said again and again he's a reluctant warrior, didn't want to start wars, didn't want to expand u.s. military action. making the case for why he is now getting tough on isis. remember, he had been on defense for days, for weeks, first with the no strategy, then, look, we can turn this into a manageable
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problem. i'm told by senior aides it was only in the last couple of days that he made the decision that he's going to ramp up u.s. air strikes not just in iraq beyond the 150 or so we've already seen there, but that he's going to expand it across the border into syria as well. another big reversal as well for the president is the fact that he is now talking about expanding support to the syrian rebels so he can use them as ground troops while u.s. air strikes go over syria in the days ahead. he's now authorized those air strikes. we don't know how soon they'll come. dramatic reversal because for three years the president has not wanted to ramp up that support to those syrian rebels. that is why republicans like mitt romney tonight are saying this is too little too late. listen. >> i've made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country wherever they are. that means i will not hesitate to take action against isil in syria as well as iraq. this is a core principle of my presidency. if you threaten america, you
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will find no safe haven. >> i used to joke during the campaign that the president didn't have a foreign policy. i know hillary clinton recently said about the same thing, he doesn't have a real policy. but the truth is he does have a foreign policy and it's one based upon america withdrawing from the world in some respects apologizing for our heavy footprint over the years, shrinking our military in a place like syria not getting involved to support moderate voices. >> interesting reversal as well on that core principle the president said, core principle of his presidency, if you try to harm america we're going to hunt you down. remember, it was only a few weeks ago, recent months the president said the core principle of his policy was don't do stupid stuff. this danger from isis has caused a dramatic shift in his foreign policy. that's why secretary of state john kerry is in the mideast as we speak. he's trying to drum up support for a coalition. on the positive side of all this the white house feels they have momentum with the formation of a new unity government in iraq. a lot of skepticism about
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whether that will survive, but they're trying to get momentum for that. john kerry predicting there will be 40 nations in this coalition to go after isis, but we have to report so far there's only nine nations joining the u.s. in that coalition tonight. sean. >> ed henry from the white house tonight. joining me now from capitol hill with more reaction to president obama's address is arizona senator john mccain. senator, welcome back. 13 days ago, senator, the president said he had no strategy. we're now back to degrade and destroy. it's not manageable. it's only a nine-nation coalition as of right now. which obama in reality can we expect considering it's been rather incoherent up to this point? >> well, you know, in the white house they take polls every day. and you and i have seen the polls, public polls, that the american people hardly disapprove of a lack of american leadership and are growing more and more aware of the threat of isis, which by the way on twitter and facebook they are urging people to come across our
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border and attack the united states of america. so when they say there's no "credible threat," maybe there's not credible threat, but i think it's credible that they are committed to attacking the united states of america. look, the president of the united states when he didn't leave a withdraw of force behind led to all of this. when he overruled his entire national security team including his secretary of state hillary clinton who said we ought to arm and train the free syrian army people now the task is going to be extremely difficult. >> let me ask you, senator, i think we've got to learn how we got to this position before we can go forward. and we've got to identify the enemy, which i'll get to in a second. now, the president sort of in the beginning of the speech gave a defense of his strategy in iraq up to this point. and even going as far as saying he's had all this success, al qaeda affiliates in yemen and et cetera and did so while bringing home 140,000 troops. he made the point of saying at the time iraq was sovereign,
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stable, self-reliant, they had a representative government and the tide of war was receding. let me put up on the map for our viewers in the interim since he announced that all of those cities right there have fallen into the hands of isis. and i ask you if the president had kept his four-point strategy in place which george bush recommended, would we even be in the position where all those cities americans fought and died for were gone? >> by the way, additionally he said america is safer. i don't know any human being that agrees with that. i know for a fact because lindsay graham and i were in baghdad, that the iraqis were prepared to have a residual force left behind. thanks to general petraeus, crocker and brave americans who sacrificed, we had that conflict won. but we needed to leave a stabilizing force behind. and we didn't. and of course we know the rest is history.
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now we face this isis which is larger than the state of indiana. by the way, he compares isis to yemen and somalia. there's no comparison, sean, between those comparability between the threats there. and the president of the united states is now forced to listen to what frankly lindsay graham and i have been arguing for years. >> senator -- >> the question is be half measures or not. >> i supported the surge. and i believe in one sentence it was becoming a sovereign, self-reliant state. i want to put up the map as i ask this next question, the president laid out a four-point plan that includes air strikes, training and intelligence for troops on the ground. as you look at all of those cities, we know many of their names, syria and iraq, we now know that isis controls a land mass about the size of belgium. would those cities have fallen if the president had done what
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george bush suggested that we do and that's stay there and provide this four-point plan basically from the beginning? >> i'm convinced thanks to a brave general david petraeus and brave young americans remember there was a great sacrifice of american lives at the beginning of the surge. i mean, it was terrible. we had this thing under control. and all we had to do was leave that residual force behind. now they're going to say to you that we couldn't do that. well, lindsay graham and i were in baghdad when they awe agreed that we should. do you know of any public statement the president made at the time or since that he wanted to leave any troops behind? you will not find that because he didn't. in fact, he bragged about the fact that everybody was out. and so it created a vacuum. maliki alienated the sunni and the rest of the story you know. >> last question, senator, do you have the confidence of the president with his strategy has
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the ability and willingness to pull this through? or do you believe maybe poll numbers are driving the president's speech tonight? >> i'm very worried about half measures. i want to -- the status quo is unacceptable. so all i know is that although i'm very, very skeptical, i'm willing to give it a try because the situation today is -- look, they're going to attack the united states of america. you know mr. baghdadi, their leader, when he left, our prisoner in iraq said see you in new york. >> see you in new york and raise the flag of islam in your white house. thank you, senator. >> thank you, sean. >> here with more kentucky senator rand paul. welcome back to the program. good to see you, sir. >> glad to be with you, sean. >> a lot of response tonight to the president saying the following that isil is not -- of course this is the islamic state, islamic.
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let me play the cut for you. >> isil is not islamic. no religion condones the killing of innocents. and the vast majority of isil's victims have been muslim. and isil is certainly not a state. it was formerly al qaeda's affiliate in iraq. and it's taken advantage of sectarian strife and syria's civil war to gain territory on both sides of the iraq/syrian border. it is recognized by no government nor by the people it subgegates. >> senator, are we back to ft. hood is workplace violence? are we back to man-caused disasters? >> well, i think there was one important point that he was making about them not being islamic or a form of true islam. ultimately civilized islam will have to step up. we need to do everything we can to protect ourselves. i'm all in for saying we have to
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combat isis. but also the ultimate war, the long war, whoever knows how long, ultimately is going to need allies from civilized islam. so i think it is important not only to the american public but for the world and the islamic world to point out this is not a true form of islam. this is an abarnt form that should not represent most of the civilized islamic world. >> but there's a pattern here, and that is the official position of our government right now is that what happened at ft. hood was workplace violence. granted they're not a state, but they do want to establish a caliphate. i got the sense from listening to the president don't that he doesn't know what the ultimate goal of a caliphate is. >> i would say he's trying to make the point to the islamic world that this isn't a true or accurate depiction of islam because ultimately we do need and most of the allies around that also are offended and also are worried about the rise of
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isis are also muslim nations. and i think they will rise up. and ultimately the ultimate victory -- there are going to be short-term victories in the war on terror and the war on radical islam, but the long-term victory is going to require allies who are part of the civilized islamic world. which is the majority of the islamic world. but they have to step up. frankly, they've been allowing too much of this to go on. and frankly countries like saudi arabia i think have aided and abetted the rise of isis. >> the president proclaimed tonight that america is safer. and then he used the success quote in yemen and somalia as examples. i don't think they'd be two examples i would point to of great success. in my humble opinion. do you believe america's safer? do you think what's happening in yemen and somalia are examples of a policy that's working that he's going to employ here? >> no, absolutely not. libya is a disaster. libya is a jihadist wonderland.
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the jihadists are swimming in the embassy swimming pool in libya. iraq is a disaster and iraq is chaotic. the one thing we need to remember about all of this, while i do support doing whatever it takes to support isis, we need to remember how we got here. the reason we got here is because we took it upon ourselves to topple secular dictator who is are the enemy of radical islam. as bad as assad is, he's an enemy of isis, an enemy of radical islam. as bad as gadhafi was. as bad as hussein was. >> what you're saying is we cuad this. i would argue that the surge was effective. that we had an emerging democracy, albeit an imperfect one. and the only thing we needed to do was keep training forces and intelligence forces on the ground which the president is now doing which prevented all these cities americans fought, died and bled for from being taken over by isis.
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>> i think you have a good point. i don't disagree with it. the only thing i would say is we didn't create the conflict. the conflict's been going on for a thousand years. the conflict is between a bizarre barbaric form of islam versus the rest of islam, it's sunni versus shiite. it's a long ongoing war. we didn't create. but we did allow a festering of chaos when we toppled the four secular dictators, gadhafi, mubarak, assad maybe and hussein. every time the secular has failed, chaos has risen and radical islam has become dominant. radical islam is our enemy in all of those countries. we need to understand how we got there in order to figure out how to fix it. >> i think you are right. we do need to understand how we got here. if you agree with me that we won the war, a democracy was emerging and that our role was the president bragged tonight about taking home those 140,000 troops. if we had kept intelligence
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forces op on the ground, which he is now going to send back, if we kept training forces on the ground, counterterrorism measures on the ground, i would argue that isis would not have had the opportunity to take all the citys that so many americans fought and died for. >> maybe. >> if a war is won, you've got to keep the victory -- let me go to president bush's comments. because i think president bush was 1,000% correct in his prediction about what would happen if we pulled out too soon. here's what he said. >> begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for iraq, for the region and for the united states. it would mean surrendering the future iraq to al qaeda. it'd mean we'd be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. it would mean we allowed a terrorist to establish a safe haven in iraq to replace the one they lost in afghanistan.
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it would mean increasing the probability that american troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous. >> senator, could he have been any more right? >> well, i guess the question would be, we have the same situation in libya. are there enough troops to stabilize li libya? are there enough troops to take over and stabilize syria? and are there enough troops to take over and stabilize iraq? there is an argument to be made that iraq is not really a country and that it's difficult to create a nation out of something that has never been a country. it was created artificially after world war i and involves warring tribes between sunnis and shia have been fighting each other for a thousand years. yes, leaving troops might have helped stability, but it might also be that countries like iraq and afghanistan are not real countries and they were devolve into tribal warfare no matter how long we stay. >> do you think the president needs -- approval --
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>> absolutely. the constitution's very clear. they debated this in the beginning. hamilton as well as madison are very exclusive saying we gave the war making power to congress because we wanted to make it difficult to go to war. now, this is an intervention. and i don't always support intervention, but this is one i do support. but i think the president would be more powerful, the country would be more he should have come before a joint session of congress, laid out his plan as he did tonight, and then called for an up or down vote on whether or not to authorize going to war. >> do you believe by not going to congress it's unconstitutional? >> yeah, it isn't the constitutional way. it doesn't in any way represent what our constitution dictates nor what our founding fathers intended. so it is unconstitutional what he's doing. >> senator, thank you so much. senator rand paul, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> before we bring in our military panel here is a look at the four points president obama laid out earlier tonight. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil through a
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comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy. first, we will conduct a systematic campaign of air strikes against these terrorists. second, we will increase our support to forces fighting these terrorists on the ground. third, we will continue to draw on our substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent isil attacks. fourth, we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to innocent civilian who is have been displaced by this terrorist organization. so this is our strategy. >> all right. joining me now with reaction the author of "counterfeit lies," colonel oliver north, lieutenant korn peters. colonel north, now we see president bush's prediction that if we pulled out too early all of this would happen. is it a day late and a dollar short? >> yeah, i think the american people are going to conclude. and it's not just the american people. i mean, think about being an
7:18 pm
iman jordan listening to that speech. this is too little too late. the idea to degrade and ultimately destroy isil isn't a strategy. it's a goal. but radical islam is the enemy. he started out with that same familiar litany. bin laden is dead, bring the troops home, america is safer. bin laden may be dead but radical islam is alive and well and growing. it's not justice ill. >> let me play for you, colonel peters, if i can. this is a montage of the president declaring that the war in iraq is over. i think the relevance of this is pretty important here because all of the cities as we've been discussing tonight that americans fought, bled and died for now have been taken over. and how did we get in this situation. and could this strategy that the president laid out tonight, could it have been employed to save some of these cities? here's what he said over the years. >> refocus the fight in bringing a responsible end to the war in iraq that had nothing to do with
7:19 pm
the 9/11 attacks. last month i announced as promised we will end the war in iraq by the end of this year. after nearly nine years america's war in iraq will be over. four years ago i promised to end the war in iraq. we did. >> is the war over, colonel? >> war is never over. but the war in iraq certainly isn't. sean, let me sum up the president's speech tonight for you in one sentence. i, barack obama, am going to do what bill clinton did with al qaeda and kick the can down the road to the next president. let me go on record, on september 10th in the year of our lord 2014 is saying that barack obama's shabby pretense at a strategy as laid out tonight will not defeat and destroy the islamic state. and by the way, it is islamic.
7:20 pm
and it is a nation state with a caliphate. the president -- it's just appalling to me. i do applaud him for finally saying we're going to strike inside syria. that's a good thing. applause, mr. president. but when and with what force? what force will this air campaign have? does he really believe that the iraqi military which collapsed as soon as isis waved at it is going to be magically rebuilt and take them on on the ground? does he really believe we can use air power effectively without our special operators and tactical air control parties on the ground. does he really believe he's going to build a serious coalition? he's got nine states so far, bush had 48, 40 of which contributed troops in 2003. he's got nine states, none of which are willing to fight. there's no coalition. he's counting on a government in baghdad that has -- excites --
7:21 pm
loyalty from the people. it's so pathetic that i've actually got to control my anger and simply say it's idiotic nonsense. >> colonel north, i went through today over my radio show i had predicted the president would say no combat troops, not dragged into another ground war. but more importantly he won't refer to this as a war. the whole issue about isil that he says is not islamic, that it's not a state. but look at all the territory that they have now accumulated. they have a country the size in terms of land mass bigger than belgium. they really are a state. and it seems there's a missing chip here. and that is does the president not understand that there is this desire by radical islamists for a worldwide caliphate and that that's what this movement is? it seems to be missing in the equation. >> ralph is absolutely right. this office of the presidency. this white house does not understand it. they reject it. further to what ralph was just
7:22 pm
saying, we're now going to support the free syrian army, the so-called moderates he dismissed as doctors and technocrats. the free syrian army has to fight a two-front war against assad and against isil. i mean, all of this is the direct consequence of what everybody's been saying with you for two or three years. the pullout, the bugout as the troops called it in 2011 was the catalyst that gave them what they needed to go ahead. and that's what grew isil. now, it's great that there's a new iraqi government. do we have a new status of forces agreement? think about this. we've already got 1,000 special operators and marines on the ground in the country. they're not boots on the ground? they're wearing boots and they're on the ground. do we have a status of forces great many times with this new government? what does he think going before the united nations security council is going to do? he says he has the authority to address the threat from isil.
7:23 pm
well, why not go to congress for a resolution of support for the air operations that he thinks is going to somehow reverse things in syria and in iraq? here's why. it's blatant politics. blatant politics because he knows he doesn't want to put democrats on the line before the november election. that's why he didn't go to congress today. that's why it's pure politics. and unfortunately if we don't have another carrier battle group out there and a marine expeditionary force, you lose an aviator out there and you watch that aviator being handled like two correspondents were god help us because that's what's going to happen. >> i want to talk about maybe some of the political ramifications or implications of all this. the president now by a ten-point margin see his presidency as more of a failure. 91% of americans, colonel north, view isis as a serious threat to u.s. vital interests. is this going to be enough, the plan the president laid out, at this late date to accomplish the mission of degrading and
7:24 pm
destroying isis? >> no, i don't think it is. i don't think ralph thinks it is. look, he didn't even mention erdowan in turkey. member of the muslim brotherhood controls the only viable military force out there besides our own that's offshore in some other country. he's all but decapitated the turkish army, which would be the one that would have to go in to make sure something happened the right way with the free syrian army. the remnant of what's left of the iraqi army is going to take not just weeks or months, it's going to take years to rebuild them. and we've done little or nothing for the kurds. he's relying on a so-called coalition partners, among them albania. >> what is your take, colonel peters, in terms of the ultimate success, number one? and the question i asked senator mccain earlier and that was do you think this president has the anlt to see this through? back to a question i was asking you the other night, when we now politicize wars, or we politicize this war and we make decisions through the prism of
7:25 pm
politics, all the gains that so many americans died for i am very concerned about sending americans in harm's way in any capacity and not finishing the job that we need to finish. >> well, that's absolutely right. a fundamental problem is president obama wants to do everything military. he wants to do it as cheaply as possible. and that's one of the guaranteed ways to wind up in a very expensive and bloody war. you can't -- the primary advantage of a superpower, sean, is superpower. you don't modulate your response. you whack those suckers and you keep whacking them and you scorch the earth. and then you plow it over and scorch it again. i mean, this is absolute nonsense. but again, i don't think his goal is to defeat and destroy the islamic state caliphate. i really believe, as i said earlier, his goal is just to kick the can down the road and get out of office in early 2017
7:26 pm
and dump it in the next president's lap. >> thank you both good friends of the program. coming up, football fans deserve the truth. did someone in the nfl actually see the video of ray rice punching his then-fiancee five months ago? sources are telling the associated press that in fact they did but the nfl said this is news to them. we'll explain. but coming up next, liz cheney, juan williams here to combat the president's plan on isis. you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose!
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7:29 pm
ensuring a strong national -- >> oh, my gosh. >> 38. >> he's on impressive jimmy carter-like damage to foreign policy if he's not careful. >> jimmy carter like damage. former deputy assistant secretary of state liz cheney, fox news political analyst juan williams. liz, your take. >> well, look, i think we need a president who frankly is not looking at the polls, not looking at the politics, a single-minded clear-eyed focus on isis. i thought it was good tonight that the president laid out the threat isis posed. the problem is the solution that he laid out just is not serious and it's not sufficient. to say, for example, that, you know, yemen and somalia are the models for what we're going to be doing here demonstrates a complete lack of understanding and complete grasp of what's going on in yemen and somalia where you've got particularly in yemen today a terrorist threat against the united states of very significant proportion. so, you know, you've got to have --
7:30 pm
>> i was a little shocked by that too. >> yeah. it was an amazing comparison. you have to have a strategy that's an overall counterterrorism strategy. it can't be one, frankly, that you know relies on the hope that somehow we'll be able to get the iraqi army, the syrian forces up and going. you've got to have frankly more ability to control those air strikes coming in, you've got to have more people on the ground, sperm operators to help guide them. what we heard tonight from the president it fell willfully short of what is needed. >> juan william the president said this is our strategy. 13 days ago he said he had no strategy to deal with isis. my question is that if a year ago he had adopted the four-point plan he has today, would all of these cities that americans fought and died for, would they be in the hands of isis? >> i don't know that they wouldn't be, i don't know they would be. i think we would have more dead americans. i don't think it would have been effective if that's your point. >> i'm saying his four-point plan of air strikes,
7:31 pm
intelligence, training. >> you say he didn't have a strategy. he didn't have a strategy for isis in syria. and clearly we have had 153 air strikes already, sean. so already we have been engaged on that front. and don't -- you know, i worry when i hear you guys talk about this in such a way that you would get back to nation building. i don't think the american people, republicans or democrats, want that kind of involvement. >> i don't think liz said nation building or i said that -- >> that's what you guys are driving at when you say -- we take out bin laden, that's not enough. we got to stay in there forever. >> no. >> the president followed the admonition of george w. bush and liz's dad, don't go out too early bragging and defending his policy, i believe that led to the possibility of the emergence of isis. am i right, liz, or am i wrong? >> you're absolutely right. the problem is it's true, it's very good we got bin laden. but what we've seen again and
7:32 pm
again and again is when we take out the leadership, any of these guys, it's good to take the leadership out. but when we do that others come into their place. we don't have any strategy. catherine herridge had a great report about we don't interrogate anybody anymore. we're picking these guys off with drones. it's good to kill a terrorist, but you don't have the ability to interrogate them and track down the networks. and you have a president in the speech tonight said essentially -- or actually specifically, we're going to continue to draw down the path we're on in afghanistan even though we've seen the total devastation that the withdrawal of all american forces have caused in iraq. >> juan, we'll give you the last word. >> well, i think we have to be careful. everybody i think the numbers show as you demonstrated, sean, the american people now want to take out isis. we want decisive action. no more wimping out or wandering around on this from the president. so the heart and soul of it is take some action, but make sure it's limited.
7:33 pm
i don't think anybody wants to have a long-term effort. those wars in iraq and afghanistan the longest in american history. we don't want to stampede to war here because of our reaction to those horrific videos. >> do you believe what happened at ft. hood was workplace violence? >> no, no, no. >> that was an expansion of the kind of crazy ideology here into our home front. i don't know if you can consider that workplace violence. that's just euphemisms by an administration that doesn't want to talk about -- we're talking manmade crises at one point to avoid the use of the term terrorist. but, sean, that doesn't then justify you would attack all of islam. come on. >> no one's talking about. but the islamic state is islamic. for the president to say it's not islamic is absurd. >> it's keeping with islamic principles. >> islamic state is not islamic. >> i'm the first one to say to you that when you see all of these acts, so many of them are committed by people who associate themselves -- >> i think the president needs
7:34 pm
to identify who our real enemy is. the enemy right now a radical islamic terrorist, radical islamic terrorists are using religion, the islamic religion, to kill. ft. hood was an incident of terrorism, not workplace viejs. these are not man-caused disasters. >> don't hurt our cause by then eliminating the -- that you would get moderate islamic forces to somehow counter the extremists, sean. it's not all. >> liz, last word. >> it is a threat -- fundamental threat to the united states of america. we've got to be willing to do whatever it takes for as long a you can say we're going to fight this for a limited amount of time unless you're prepared to lose. we can't afford to lose. >> i don't think we ought to be fighting anymore wars we're not prepared to win. and how do we define victory? thank you both. appreciate it. more on this coming up straight ahead. also tonight, major developments in the ray rice scandal. according to the a.p. a law enforcement official is now claiming that in fact he did send the elevator video to the nfl back in april.
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if energy could come from anything?. or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything. this a fox news alert, bombshell developments surrounding the nfl and former baltimore ravens running back ray rice. the a.p. is reporting that a law enforcement official came forward saying he sent the video of rice punching his then-fiancee, now-wife, to the nfl back in april. now, the source who spoke to the
7:41 pm
a.p. anonymously said someone in the nfl office even confirmed the delivery and in a voicemail said "you're right," and just last night nfl commissioner roger goodell had this to say about that video. >> to be clear, did you know that a second tape existed? >> well, we had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed there was a video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent. but we were never granted that opportunity. >> here with reaction, former nfl pro bowl fullback and former jet, tony richardson. you work with all the greats, smith, marcus, good for you. and you had 1 years in the nfl. >> 17 years. >> remarkable career. >> thank you. >> good to see you. big fan. first of all, i can't believe -- now, the nfl's responding to this saying if there's a delivery sitting on someone's desk, there are going to be
7:42 pm
consequences. we didn't see it. i would have a hard time believing roger goodell purposely lied about this. >> exactly. >> knowing that he'd be fired if he did. >> yeah. well, the thing i don't know i necessarily want to call him a liar, but you see the initial tape we saw and she's getting drug out of the elevator, we knew something happened in the elevator. that's the first question, how does the video just surface now? >> made the statement law enforcement doesn't have to turn it over to them. but then tmz got it. >> basically means tmz is greater or powerful than the nfl. i don't believe that at all. >> maybe the guys at tmz would agree with that. >> of course. they break everything. >> but i watch this video and i know there's a lot of focus on the nfl and roger goodell bashing and calling for his resignation. that's not the biggest egregious error here. to me it's law enforcement. now, i know she struck him a number of times, spat in his face and he's an nfl player. he could kill this woman. >> exactly. >> the fact is law enforcement for me, they got off with a slap on the wrist.
7:43 pm
and basically no time that they have to serve and they get to go to treatment and it's all over. >> that's the bigger thing. you look at it and think about it, everybody dropped the ball on this. as we spoke earlier, i have a sister right now currently serving in iraq -- i mean, afghanistan, i have a mother and another sister, if someone did this to my sister or my mother, there's going to be something to deal with. we don't support this at all. it's terrible. >> i have three older sisters. the rule was very clear and unambiguous even though i was the youngest, never raise your hands to your sister. i think that was the answer. what should the punishment be? should this be a lifetime ban? does he have a chance to redeem himself? plaxico did. different circumstances. >> i'm a firm believer of second chances. as a christian i believe you forgive and as he shows i've gone through the proper steps as far as making this right whether it's counciling with him and his wife and all these things but to say he should be banned and not
7:44 pm
have an opportunity to provide for his family again, i don't agree with that. >> should we take the admonition of his wife? a very open, pleading instagram message she put out yesterday, this is our life, leave us alone. should we take that into consideration even though it's a case of clear domestic violence? in other words, saying it's nobody else's business, you're ruining our lives, leave us alone. >> i don't agree with that at all because at the end of the day there are so many women who are in these situations. we hear about them all the time. i have a friend i was talking to the other day that has a friend that has been in a situation for a number of years. and a lot of times women feel they're the victim. there needs to be -- you know, you can't just say this is our problem. this is a societal problem. it's not necessarily the nfl. >> going forward should the nfl have a zero tolerance policy? that means one-time out done, banned, not for ray rice. >> the thing about really he got punished twice. i mean, if you look the way this whole thing has unfolded. so i think not -- i don't know if they're going to go back and
7:45 pm
change the policy, but the fact they did take steps and say it's not two games, which i would say is unacceptable to begin with. six games and second time a lifetime ban. but i do think something like this is terrible. it's not a place in the league. >> tony, appreciate it. when we come back, we'll check in with geraldo rivera and mcguirk and much more on this busy news night as we continue.
7:46 pm
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my administration secured bipartisan for this approach i have the authority to address the threat from isis i believe we're strongest as a nation when the president and congress work together. so i welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world americans are united in confronting this danger. >> the president is here with reaction. imus in the morning, how are you? >> what a pleasure. >> and the reaction first? the irish reaction first. >> isis is not islamic. did you know that? >> yes. that is bizarre.
7:51 pm
couldn't tell from that campaign speech as first four minutes the beginning and end i was hoping that like everybody else, that michelle obama would make him a testosterone smoothie but in my case i was hoping he would tell the american people would he leave, say listen, not going to cave into emotions to get involved in a quagmire. we've beheaded american buzz not going to go into 500 more ground troops there. we're going to rain hell on these punches every time we behead an american but we're not going to nation build anymore? . >> i have no problem with raining hell on them. i don't care what he said about last year or what he's going to say next year. you have a terror group that beheaded two americans.
7:52 pm
they have declared war on the united states of america and on us. i want to from the air, i want to pound them, and pound them and kill them. shock and awe. pound them the nation gets built, it gets built. >> how is it going to get built if we don't do it? >> i don't want to do it. >> i've been with coalition italians have great wine at the px. canadians are very sweet people. brits get a corner of the country that deals. >> right. it's america's burden if we accept it. i say we don't have to right now. now, we have to get revenge. >> if you're not happy with the speech, sometimes, stiffening up the spine of iraqi army. >> i k.i ask you? is this dick cheney? >> if we go back and look at the map of iraq, a four-point plan, all we needed to do this, all of
7:53 pm
these city woz have been safe. he didn't he dragged in this speech about pulling out troops. that means we didn't keep intelligence on the ground which he's bringing back. we didn't keep the training the counter terrorism. he's now bringing. geraldo? 4,000 americans died. >> it's fascinating. right now because those 4,000 dieed and because he murdered two, defiled -- >> let that land go back. >> i'm telling you, sean, i want orders to go to air power of the united states of america. using isis's black flag, blow them up >> do you think he has it to do that? >> first of all -- >> you're not answering. >> i don't know. >> all i know is that we have the capability to punish them, anyone who says that you can't achieve a strategic result with
7:54 pm
air power, just remember the highway of death. do you remember the highway of death? >> what about friends on the right? saying you want to go in there and eradicate isis and not have a nation state there they want to actually get involved what. do you say to them? you're on my page, then. >> they say for tonight it's overthinking to go that far. i think right now we have to punish murderers and i think we agree, if we agree to that, that is the first step. we'll take the long term, let us start with isis and kill each other. >> appreciate it. more "hannity" right after the break. onward!
7:55 pm
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ta is all the time we have left this evening. we want to you stay tuned to fox news channel. our good friend, bret baier standing by tonight with a live
8:00 pm
edition of special report coming your way. we'll see you back here. thanks for joining us. good night. >> good evening, i'm bret baier this, is a special edition of "special report" following president obama's speech to the nation, we'll have his plan to deal with isis terrorists president vowing to go after those that threaten america. he is promising we'll have plenty of help and committing american air power, expanding it to syria, vowing there will be no american combat troops


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